Roulette-System: D’Alembert System

Perhaps you’re a gambler who is willing to take a moderate risk and mobile slot games
are boring for you. If so, the D’Alembert System may suit you perfectly. This roulette betting system provides opportunity to make steady wins without the looming threat of massive losses and works with online roulette as well as offline!

The D’Alembert System was invented by Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, who was a famous French mathematician. It is also referred to as montant et demontant which is French for “upwards and downwards” or the pyramid system. It is based on the idea of a natural equilibrium. Since the roulette wheel is entirely random, eventually the numbers will win an equal amount of times (if run long enough). D’Alembert reasoned that if you win on one bet you are more likely to lose the subsequent bet. That is why this negative progression system requires gamblers to bet more after they lose and less after they win.

When applying the D’Alembert System you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, your starting bet must be higher than the minimum betting amount. That’s because if you win the first round you will need to reduce your bet. Also, this system only works for outside bets (even, odd, red, black, first 18, second 18) that have a 50/50 chance. Placing bets on individual numbers will not work. Furthermore, you must use the same bet throughout the game. Altering your bet amount midway through will throw off the D’Alembert system. The main disadvantage to this system is that a long losing streak will cause major losses.

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